COVID-19 and Relaunch 

Based on the current numbers for Charles County, we are excited to announce that we will begin weekly outdoor worship on Sunday, May 2nd.  Join us at 10 am in the church parking lot beginning May 2nd for in person worship.  Online worship will continue to be available.

Relaunch Team Update

March 7, 2021

The Relaunch Team met last week to discuss decision-making points for reopening. I know that we are all eager to be together again in a physical space as a church community, but we need to keep in mind the continuing risk to our vulnerable members and God’s imperative to love our neighbors. Charles Lutz wrote in the Journal of Lutheran Ethics that we need to believe the promise that loving our neighbors in the whole of God’s creation will give life to ourselves as well. While Lutz was speaking theologically, his statement also rings true when we consider physical health in the time of Coivd-19. Loving our neighbors by continuing our current safety measures will, indeed, benefit both ourselves and our neighbors.


The Relaunch team has been closely watching the local numbers of Covid cases per 100,000 people and the positivity rate for Covid tests. Both of these numbers provide important information about Covid in our community. The current data for Charles County puts us at a moderate to high risk for transmission and community spread. In addition, there is concern about the variant strains of Covid in our community and their potential for instigating a new surge in cases.


Given the ongoing risk, Peace Lutheran will continue with virtual services at least through Easter. I know I will really be missing our Easter brunch and egg hunt, but we just can’t gather together right now when we still have such significant risk; and when we have a real opportunity to decrease Covid in our community by just hanging on a few more weeks.


The Relaunch Team will continue to watch the data and we are suggesting the following decision points as a guide for reopening:


  • Phase 2 – Outdoor church services [Positivity Rate below 5% AND Case Rate of 10.1 to 25]

  • Phase 3 – Indoor church services with safety modifications and consideration of external group access [Positivity Rate below 5% AND Case Rate of 1 to 10]

  • Phase 4 – Normal Operational Status [Positivity Rate below 3% AND Case Rate of less than 1]


The Relaunch Team looks forward to transitioning again to safe outdoor and in-building services as soon as conditions allow. If you have any questions, please reach out to one of the Relaunch Team members: Laura Polk, Gretta Williams, Mike Leggett, Jill Fronck, Earle Knapp and Pastor Shannon Anderson.


Respectfully submitted by Laura Polk