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Announcements for Sunday, 26 February 2023

From the Pastor:

The Rev. Laurie Gates-Ward said in her Ash Wednesday sermon that it felt like we were just unpacking Christmas presents and now we're at the start of Lent. Time moves swiftly for us, and as the old adage goes, "time flies when you're having fun." I've had a lot of fun here at Peace, and I'm still astounded at how much time people have contributed to support the mission and ministry we're doing in Christ's name.

My Ash Wednesday sermon at St. Paul's Episcopal Church was a continuation of the Transfiguration sermon, in which I underlined the significance of listening to him—listening to Jesus.   The appointed text for Ash Wednesday (Matthew 6.1-6; 16-21) provides some insight into listening to Jesus when he teaches us to give alms, pray, and fast in private for God to see and in public for the world to see. We desire to make a good impression on others, especially God, but the message here is that the impression we make on others is unimportant to God. What matters to God is the impression we leave on the Creator and that begins with seeking forgiveness. 

The Lenten season has a long history in Christianity, and the Lenten customs we practice now have evolved over time, but the emphasis remains the same: Lent is a season of penance. A time for us to reflect on the previous year, confess our sins, and seek God's pardon. The journey to Easter then serves as a reminder of the impression God gives us, which is that God always forgives.

In the long history of Lent, it was also a time for those who had committed significant sins to be welcomed into the body of Christ to confess their sins, receive absolution, and work toward reconciliation with the community. That is particularly powerful! This is also dangerous because it causes us to think and act more like Jesus, which upsets the world and the powers of evil. So, a re we prepared to confess our sins to God during Lent? Are we willing to forgive those who have sinned against us?

Listen to him! Listen to Jesus not just these six-weeks of Lent, but every day. Don't just go through the motions of Lent because they've become liturgical muscle memory. Let Lent be the time of your own spiritual transfiguration where you see the world differently (for what it really is). Let Lent be the time where you respond to the world (our neighbors) differently. Let Lent be the time where you see yourself differently and where you share your faith differently. Let Lent be the time where you "live dangerously in faith leading a holy life that brings His light into the darkness."

Friends, let us put Lent into practice every day. Let us put Lent into practice every day so every Monday becomes our Ash Wednesday, and every Sunday becomes our Easter.

See you in church!

Grace and peace, Pastor Eric+


Blessing of the Pledge Cards

On Sunday, February 26, we'll be collecting and blessing our 2023 pledge cards during worship. Remember to bring your pledge card and hold on to it until the offering. Blank pledge cards will be on hand for those who forgot. You can also complete your pledge card online at


Ask: a Lenten Series

This year's Lenten series is "ASK." It's a series for everyone who's ever had a question about their faith. Each Sunday, we'll be presented with questions to ponder from our readings and within the liturgy.

Included in the resources is an at-home devotional guide:

Daily Devotional Guide - Ask
Download PDF • 478KB

Pastor Eric will be recording video devotions based on the home devotional too. Video devotions will be available on our Facebook and Youtube channel.


Charles County Children's Aid Society

Once again during Lent we are teaming with Charles County Children’s Aid Society. You are invited to join us in donating the following personal hygiene items for our neighbors in need:

  • soap

  • shampoo

  • deodorant

  • toothpaste

  • and more

You can drop off your donations at Peace Lutheran Church:

  • Monday to Thursday mornings between 9 a.m. - 12 noon

  • during Food Pantry on the first and third Saturday of each month from 9-11 a.m., or

  • Sunday mornings before or after worship at 10 a.m.

All donations will be taken to the Charles County Children’s Aid Society to be shared with those in need of these items.

If you have questions you can call the church office: 301-843-1832.

Or contact Children’s Aid Society directly to donate to them or request assistance: 301-645-1561


Breeze Transition

The move to Breeze is ongoing, and emails have been sent with instructions on how to set up your account. If you did not receive the email invitation, please check your spam/junk folder first. If you have not yet received the invitation, please contact Pastor Eric.

Pastor Eric will be giving a tutorial on Breeze after worship February 26 in the fellowship hall. For those still needing to transition from VANCO payments to Breeze, Pastor Eric will be on hand to assist with that too.

Even if you do not play to give online through Breeze, please activate your Breeze account and update your contact information. Breeze also serves as our parish directory and parochial records database.


Join the Peace Quilters

Join Peace Quilters in March as we work on quilts for Lutheran World Relief and as we make fleece Chemo hats for local distribution.

We will meet on the following days and times:

Mondays - 6-8 PM - March 6 & 20

Thursdays - 9-11 AM - March 2 & 16.

Please note that we are returning to our Monday evening time.

All are welcomed! No experience needed!

If you are interested, contact Leah at quilters@


Food Pantry Bagging Day

Youth from Good Shepherd United Methodist Church will be on hand Saturday, February 25, to help Elsie's Pantry bag food for future distribution. The youth from Good Shepherd are participating in a 30-Hour Famine virtual youth retreat where students take participate in thought-provoking Bible studies, games, inspirational videos, and more — and mash them all up into an unforgettable day-and-a-half of going without food to raise funds for the hungry.


Safe Nights 2023

Beginning Sunday evening, Peace Lutheran Church will host Safe Nights guests for the week. Volunteer opportunities are still available. To learn more about how you can help, email our Safe Nights coordinators at To provide financial support for Safe Nights, you can make a contribution through Breeze.


Confirmation Boot Camp

There will be no confirmation class on Sunday, February 26. In-person classes will resume on Sunday, March 5, at 12:00 p.m. in rooms 4 and 5.


Gift from the Carl Wennberg Estate

Peace received a generous donation earlier this month from the estate of Carl Wennberg, who died on April 2, 2021. Carl was a long-time member of Peace Lutheran Church, where he was active in the choir, volunteered at the food pantry, and worked on small projects such as creating the large wooden cross for Good Friday and the two candle boxes at our prayer station. After conversations with his family, the contribution will be used in a way that reflects Carl's participation in the life and ministry of Peace Lutheran Church. In addition to the mission fund, his legacy gift extends to the food pantry, the emergency repair fund, the music ministry, and towards the creation of a new sanctuary cross.

If you would like to learn more about planned giving and legacy gifts to the church, please connect with Pastor Eric.

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