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Call Committee Update

The call committee has worked very hard over the last 3 months to fully understand where Peace Lutheran Church is, where we want to be and what skillsets we desire in a new Pastor. Through various conversations, two surveys and many meetings and prayers, the committee completed the Ministry Site Profile (MSP). The Council approved and it was submitted to the Synod this week.

The MSP is a common form used to describe the church and our search for a rostered minister. Now complete, Peace's MSP will be stored within the ELCA’s Mobility Database System (MDS). The MDS allows rostered ministers to search the database of MSPs to learn of ministry openings, to read a basic snapshot of information about each opening, and to learn about the appropriate contact person for each call process.

The next step will be for the call committee to interview interested candidates. Please continue to pray for the committee and this process.

Ministry Site Profile_FINAL_Submitted
Download PDF • 1.30MB

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